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New England Atas International Metal Roofing Company

ATAS International Inc. celebrated their 40th Anniversary in 2003. The company has evolved from a one-man operation in a basement to a multiple-locations leading manufacturer in the Massachusetts metal roofing and wall systems industry.

Why Metal Roofing Won't Fade

ATAS International Inc. utilizes high-quality premium base metals in the manufacturing of its products. All panels are produced from a minimum of G90 galvanized steel. Galvanized steel describes a steel product with a metallic coating that inhibits corrosion of the steel itself. These products have a proven history in field performance. In addition, ATAS International Inc. produces panels in aluminum, copper, zinc as well as stainless steel for areas in which corrosion is of extreme concern. 

Actual product performance is dependent upon the environmental conditions they may be subject to. The premium paint coatings that are applied to steel and aluminum are designed to resist chalking and fading. In addition, the most sophisticated pretreatment systems are utilized in the paint application process that further enhance the corrosion protection of the base metals.