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New England Metal Roof Pricing

Metal roofing has become popular for homeowners due to its impressive durability. Advanced Metal Roofing offers metal roofing services that emphasize improving your home's value. We use the best products and qualified crews to ensure your new roof meets our strict standards. When planning your roof replacement, you may be curious about the metal roof cost compared with traditional asphalt shingles.

Since metal roof installations are specific to your chosen roof materials, home architecture and other factors, each requires a roof assessment and project consultation -- at no cost. In the short term, metal roof pricing is more than single replacement; while the long-term value of a durable metal roof is much greater.

Competitive Metal Roofing Pricing in New England

While prices vary with materials, metal roofing costs two times more than asphalt roofs, but there is a good reason. A metal roof lasts 50-70 years with minimal maintenance and keeps its beautiful appeal.

Longevity and Savings

Compared with the 20-25 year longevity of the best asphalt shingles, you save with substantially lower maintenance costs over a longer duration and the added value of skipping your next two future roof replacements due to the longevity of metal roofing.

Along with durability, a metal roof can be more energy efficient and lead to lower energy bills for more immediate savings that you can see every month. 

Value and Benefits

During your service with Advanced Metal Roofing, you can enjoy the following service benefits:

  • Free Pricing Quotes: We give our New England clients free roof assessments and project consultation, with an accurate roof replacement cost estimate, for upcoming roofing projects. 
  • Warranty Protection: Once we complete your metal roofing installation, you can enjoy long-lasting warranties from name-brand manufacturers and our quality workmanship.
  • Superior Materials: We use metal roofing materials from top brands like McElroy to ensure reliable quality, with products installed by expert roofing contractors. 
  • Flexible Payment Options: Our metal roofing services come with various financing options for qualified candidates, allowing you to find the ideal solutions for your roof and wallet.
  • Custom Designs: We offer several metal roof materials with various styles and finishes to personalize your new metal roof to your home's architecture and your design preferences.

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Advanced Metal Roofing prides itself on competitive pricing without inflated fees for customers. We will work to ensure you are 100% happy with the results of your metal roofing service performed by our crews.

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