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The first step in taking care of your metal roofing is finding the right team of trusted professionals to handle the job for you. This is where Advanced Metal Roofing LLC comes into the picture. Since 1966, we have been providing locals with the service required to keep their metal roofing in tiptop shape. This is especially important since a metal roofing system can last well over 50 years, if the right type of service and maintenance is invested into it.

Settle for inferior quality service and you are not going to get the performance or longevity you are supposed to. No matter how good a product is, it is only as good as the workmanship invested into work like installation, repairs and replacement. You can rest assured that by working with us, you are getting the best possible workmanship and the finest possible results. Metal roofing has come a long way in recent years. While once primarily used only for utilitarian structures, like sheds and barns, that has changed a lot. Metal roofing systems are now commonly used for homes, and for plenty of great reasons. Let us help you better understand the benefits that you can expect, by getting this type of roofing system in place. We want to be your Strafford metal roofing contractor.

Advanced Metal Roofing LLC – A Strafford Metal Roofer

If you are not already familiar with what makes metal roofing such a good option, there are a few things that you should certainly be made aware of:

As previously mentioned, a quality metal roofing system has a projected lifespan of approximately 50 years. Yet some have lasted as long as 70 years. The bottom line is that metal roofs deliver when it comes to peak performance and optimal longevity.

They are now available in a wide assortment of styles, looks and colors. Metal doesn't even have to look like metal anymore! More than likely you have already seen metal roofing that had the appearance of another type of roofing material, and didn't even realize what you were looking at.

Contrary to popular misconception, metal is lightweight, which is important for roofing material. The final weight of your roof depends on whether or not metal roofing has simply been installed over existing roofing materials. This lighter system is ideal for bearing the weight of snow during heavy winter snowfalls, without concern for collapsing.

Many people appreciate the fact that metal is resistant to fire. This type of roofing system is non-combustible and usually has a Class A fire rating. Of course this also depends on the material under the metal, so make it a point to communicate directly with your roofing contractor in order to get the type of system you truly want.

This is also the perfect material, when it comes to heat conduction. A standard roof requires that you have plenty of insulation in order to even attempt to minimize heat gain. Otherwise, you are throwing your hard-earned money out the window every summer when you use the AC to try to cool your structure. Metal helps radiate heat from the sun, making your place more energy-efficient, lowering your cooling costs and making your space more Eco-friendly.

Prompt & Professional Metal Roofing Contractor Services

What you may also want to know about is what makes Advanced Metal Roofing LLC the right company to call on, for all of your roofing contractor services. For one thing, we have the required licensing and insurance any roofing contractor should have in place, before working on something as important as your rooftop. Do not make any exceptions, no matter what a potential roofer tells you about how those are just technicalities.

Of course, all the work is performed by Advanced factory-trained technicians. We do not take on your job and then subcontract it to workers lacking the required training to expertly execute the job. Don't take chances like this, when it comes to getting service for the most important aspect of your structure. The bottom line is that we care about this line of work, including taking the best care possible of each of our customers.