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Premier Metal Roofing in Allenstown

At Advanced Metal Roofing it's our goal to provide you with the highest quality roofing materials anywhere in the industry. This is why we recommend metal roofing for your home. Metal roofing provides unparalleled protection for your everything and everyone inside your home. Our team of experience and certified contractors install and repair all types of metal of roofing. We also provide ongoing maintenance in order to keep your metal roof looking a performing great all year long. The next time you need a brand new roof for your home, contact Advanced Metal Roofing today. We can show you all the great benefits and features of metal roofing. We are your Allenstown Metal Roofing Contractor.

Metal Roofing Is The Smart Choice

There are practical advantages to installing a metal roof onto your home. Three main features make it a sound investment for your property.

  • Ultimate Home Protection
    No matter what type of metal you go with, your metal roof will shield your home from sunlight, heat and cold, and high winds giving you superior insulation. Metal is specifically designed to withstand even the harshest weather outside throughout the year. So whether you're in the dead of winter with snow piling up or experiencing the heavy summer rains metal roofs will give you the defense you need.
  • Long-Lasting Construction
    A high-quality metal roof can last anywhere from 40-70 years. This saves you hundreds of dollars in roof repairs and replacement over the long run. Metal roofs don't require the amount of maintenance that other roofing materials require retains its natural finish for an extended period.
  • An Energy Efficient Solution
    Metal roofs act as a barrier from heat and cold and daily sunlight. This helps your air conditioner or heater operate more efficiently, which, in turn, saves you money on your energy bill each month. With a metal roof you can expect your bill to be drastically reduced by up to 25%. Even in the coldest weather you'll notice that your house will stay warm and dry during the winter months.

Great Metal Roof Designs

Metal roofs can be custom designed to suit any home design. With different patterns, textures, and designs available to you, finding the right metal roof for your home is easier than ever. Metal roofing products can be shaped to conform to any roof format. They are installed by interlocking large panels that have hidden fasteners. You can get your metal roofing to resemble tiles or shingles or even cedar wood. This way your metal roof doesn't look so metal. It gives you more options and flexibility regardless of the type of home you have. With all these features and benefits, its' easy to see why metal roofs are the smart choice for any homeowner.