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Are You in Need of Metal Roofing in Baldwin, ME?

If you're seeking a Baldwin metal roofing company and can't find one that is reputable and possesses decades worth of experience, then you haven't sought out Advanced Metal Roofing yet. We have been doing business in the community since 1966 and are considered to be #1 in the Seacoast area.

Baldwin Metal Roofing

There are numerous reasons why you should have a metal roof installed on your home. They are affordable and easy to maintain. So when you want a quality metal roof on your home all you have to do is call the roofing pros.

Metal roofs are beneficial to the life of your home. In fact, they tend to last a lot longer than traditional roofs. Our metal roofs can last anywhere from 40-70 years. This all depends on the material they are cut from.

Traditional roofs, which are normally asphalt materials, last roughly 12-20 years. Now which type of roof sounds better to you? If you're serious about getting a metal roof on your home, then start taking actions by contacting Advanced Metal Roofing.

Safety is yet another aspect as to why metal roofs are such popular sellers. Did you know that metal roofs do not spark flames nor do they ignite into flames whenever close enough to a wildfire or even a lightning strike. That alone should give you peace of mind.

Baldwin Siding

Whenever you need a Baldwin metal roofing contractor that is licensed and bonded you call Advanced Metal Roofing. We know Siding like the backs of our hands. You'll find that we have nothing but professionals on our team.

You'll love vinyl siding because colors do not fade on it. Woods and other types of building materials tend to fade over time which can really be frustrating to many homeowners. This isn't the case with vinyl siding.

Call us today for more details concerning our Siding. If you're looking to change the appearance of the outside of your home without all the hassle, then Siding from Advanced Metal Roofing is the way to go.

Color retention is one of the many benefits to owning Siding. We have lots of pretty colors to choose from, so take your pic of light and dark siding today. We'll have your home all gussied up by the on set of spring.

Advanced Metal Roofing won't let you down. When it comes to quality roofing, we have everything that you're looking for: quality Siding and metal roofs that will make your home the focal point of the neighborhood. Give your Baldwin metal roofing contractor a call today for an assessment.

We Provide the Following Metal Roof Services in Baldwin

  • Commercial Installation
  • Commercial Repair
  • Commercial Replacement

  • Residential Installation
  • Residential Repair
  • Residential Replacement

  • Metal Roof Inspection
  • Metal Roof Storm Repair

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