You might have a mix of emotions when planning an exterior remodel. On one hand, it’s exciting to make improvements to your home, and it’s also a relief to find solutions to problems that have long been on your mind. On the other hand, remodeling can seem like an expensive hassle.

One way to put your troubles to rest is to combine as many of your projects as you can into one. For example, roofing and siding installation go together nicely. Below are some reasons why you might want to combine these two projects into one.


Remodeling takes time, but it will take longer if you break your project up. Getting your new siding and roof at once will save you time, so you can get back to life without worrying about your next remodel. Plus, hiring a contractor that offers both siding and roofing is much easier than looking for two, separate remodelers.


Can you imagine how great your home will look after getting a new roof and replacement siding!? You can practically redo the entire exterior of your home to fit any aesthetic you’re going for. Completing both projects at once can also make it easier to choose complementary roofing and siding materials and styles.


Your roof and your siding are two of the most important features of your home’s exterior. Getting both will drastically improve the weatherproofing of your home, so it can more easily withstand everything that mother nature will throw its way over the next several years.

Energy Savings

A comprehensive exterior remodel can also go a long way toward improving the energy efficiency of your home. For example, a metal roof can reduce your home’s energy waste by 40%, and replacement siding can also help to maintain your indoor temperature when you choose an insulated siding option.


Although you will pay more upfront when combining your siding and roofing installations, you might get a better deal in the long run. Ask your contractor about special offers for combined services. Additionally, you will greatly improve the over-all value of your home when replacing old siding and an old roof at the same time.

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