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Bradford, MA Metal Roofing and Siding Company

When you trust Advanced Metal Roofing LLC for your Bradford, Maine home roofing repairs and roofing inspections, you're getting full, expert roofing services by a reputable company who's served in the industry since 1966. As master roofers, we're also the area's favored Bradford metal roofing contractors. When our professionals provide you with services, you are hiring 50 years of roofing industry experience.

Metal roofing repairs are important to have done as soon as you realize your Bradford residential home may need them. Roof inspections are an important part of every roof's ability to stay strong, and should be done in general every five to ten years or as needed after damaging conditions have affected the structure.

Whether you need just a few shingles replaced or need an entire roof replaced with siding replacement, we can handle your Bradford metal roofing and Siding needs. That's the great thing about a company who's been around for a long time like we have! We've been dedicated to our services, offering customers the best in Bradford exterior home repairs and metal roofing repairs.

Bradford Metal Roof Repairs

Advanced Metal Roofing LLC are Bradford's favorite roofing repair contractors! When you put your trust in us, you get efficient, expert repairs you can count on. When you trust a roofing company, you want to be sure your repairs are done on time and on budget. You need experts who can work on any type of roof structures you have, whether you have skylights, decks attached, chimneys, or solar panels installed. We'll help you with any type of roofing repair you may need.

Metal Roof Replacements for Bradford

Every day your Bradford metal roof goes through weather conditions that are damaging the structure, even though most homeowners don't realize it. Shingles, woodwork, flashing, sealants, and more get saturated with the sun's damaging UV rays as well as expand and contract according to the temperature. All this works to make your shingles weakened over time. Metal roof replacements will at some point become necessary. When it's that time for your Bradford metal roof, call in the experts at Advanced Metal Roofing LLC. We have some great metal roofing products that we'd love to show you.

Bradford Metal Roof Inspection

Even one small exposed nail in your metal roof can cause mold and other problems in your attic space, and you can't see a nail hole unless you're thoroughly checking the entire roof from top to bottom, knowing exactly where to look. That's the thorough roofing inspections you can expect of our Bradford professional Advanced Metal Roofing LLC roof inspectors. You'll receive a professional written report that includes a detailed assessment of your Bradford metal roof and underlying materials, as well as structural integrity.