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Newfield Metal Roofing

Newfield metal roofs are both energy efficient and built to last! Many experts estimate heat absorption to be up to 34% less when using a metal roof compared to even the most popular alternatives. As if saving money on your energy bills isn't enough, metal roofs are extremely durable and can withstand even the harshest elements to a reasonable extent. One of most ubiquitous complaints when it comes to metal roofs is the noise during heavy and even light rain. With new sound proofing techniques, even this has become substantially less problematic.

Newfield Siding

With modern improvements to insulation and new techniques for installing vinyl, the cost effectiveness of Siding compared to brick or other siding types is becoming more attractive for Newfield home owners. Some of the downsides that still remain are the time spent maintaining Siding to keep it looking its best and the small addition to your energy bill that comes from slightly more heat absorption on new homes or even drastically more on some older homes. However, our Newfield Siding contractors are experts in siding installation and can guarantee the best possible results in the Newfield area.

Newfield Roof Repairs

About 70% of all U.S. homes today use asphalt shingle for their roofs. While asphalt shingles have many respectable qualities, they are also prone to a number of issues, including leaking cosmetic damage and several other problems that require immediate attention. Metal roofs, being extremely durable even in harsh weather, are outstanding at maintaining their aesthetic quality and structural integrity. In the rare event that problems do arise, they often present themselves in the form of catastrophic damage from natural disasters, falling trees or coming in contact generally with large objects. The experts at Advanced Metal Roofing can repair your roof no matter how bad the damage may be.