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Salem Metal Roofing & Siding Services

Since we began in 1966, Advanced Metal Roofing has been the local leading service provider for roofing and siding services. We have the industry experience necessary to produce quality workmanship and we have access to all types of well-made improvement products for homes.

Finding just the right Rowley roofing contractor is an essential task that every homeowner will need to do at some point. This is because the roof is the shelter of the home and assists with the structural support of the building. Your rooftop keeps the rest of your home protected right down to the walls and even the foundation. It also happens to protect the people and belongings inside your home.

Of course, what matters most is to make sure that the initial roofing installation is handled properly. Otherwise, you could have problems right off the bat or down the line. It is also important to address the need of annual roof inspections as well as any time after heavy winds or a hail storm. Repairs will always need to be done and so will maintenance. And, eventually, you will need to have the roof replaced though hopefully not for at least 20 years or so. 

So make sure that the name you trust to address any and all of these service needs is reliable. Advanced Metal Roofing is the only name you need to remember for Salem metal roofing and Siding service. We want to be your Salem metal roofing contractor.

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We Provide Metal Roof Repairs In Salem

Not every metal roof contractor can repair a metal roof, though this material is becoming more and more popular. With this type of roofing system, it's important that the repairs don't leave a way for moisture to get under the metal roof panels. And, the flashing and other roof components will need to be installed in different ways than traditional roofing systems.

You can put your trust in our very capable hands. Metal roof repairs are no problem for our specialists. We work with all types of metal materials including steel, aluminum, and standing seam. Be sure to check out all our services. Also, note that we can connect you with financing and that we offer specials from time to time.

Replace Your Old Roof With Metal Roofing

If you are one of the Salem homeowners who is fed up with replacing the roof every ten to fifteen years, welcome to the new age of metal roofing. There are many benefits with this wonderful roofing material including its ability to resist the damaging effects of nature. We have metal roofs that are warranted for forty years, but we know that they can last much longer with proper maintenance. And maintaining a metal roof is easy. Just keep the debris off the roof and have it inspected and repaired as necessary.

We Do Siding Installations In Salem

You can get the same great service from Advanced Metal Roofing if you are interested in installing Siding in Salem. We install premium Siding in many colors and styles. We can also install insulated siding to help your home's energy efficiency. Don't go another day without taking care of the exterior cladding on your home. If there are damages or the material is no longer performing, energy is wasted and moisture will find its way in. Let's sit down and look at some options today. We work with a number of siding brands that come with great warranties.

Ice Dams? We Can Fix That!

Ice dams are a problem for many homeowners in Massachusetts. If you need help fixing the problem once and for all, we know all about ice dams and how to prevent them. There are different options available to deal with specific situations, so let us examine your roof and provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision. Just call and tell us you need help with ice dam problems.