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Advanced Metal Roofing has been serving the Saugus and surrounding areas with quality roof repairs since 2001. Our family owned company began with three generations in the roofing industry. We would love to be your roofing contractor of choice when you need roofing repairs, storm damage roof repairs, or installation services. You'll have a roofing contractor in the Saugus area who you can trust to treat you like family.

Our company is focused on working with the finest manufacturers and our metal roof choices are energy efficient and of superior quality. It's important for your roof to last, not only to save you from having a roof replacement every ten to fifteen years but also to give you peace of mind. We count on the roof to be strong and protective, so quality workmanship and durable roofing materials are a must in Saugus. We can schedule your free consultation today to answer questions and provide an estimate. We want to be your Saugus metal roofing contractor.

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Expert Metal Roofing Repairs

Do you have a home in Saugus with metal roof damage damage? Are you looking for a good, reliable Saugus roofing contractor for repairs? While metal roofing lasts for forty years or more, all roofs last for a limited lifetime. And then there are storms that knock tree limbs onto the roof. So if yours is in need of repair, you need a metal roofing contractor who can fix it right. 

Your roof may have just need a few repairs, some maintenance, a replacement, or you may have a caved in structure from a tree limb or heavy snow. Our experts are the roofing contractors who can handle the roof repairs no matter what's going on or how big of a project it is. Whether it's damage from a storm or the structure is just getting old, we'll be there for your metal roof repairs!

Reliable Metal Roofing Services

If you need to replace the roof on your Saugus home, we offer upfront quotes for the roof replacement. With our more than a half a century of experience, our roofing contractors are the best you'll find. Plus, our quality products will protect your home for years! Give our Saugus roofing contractors a call to see great options in quality metal roofing you'll love.

Siding Installations

New cladding is going to make a big difference in the appearance of your home. Siding is a very popular cladding type because it is much more durable that traditional wood, brick, and rock. These latter materials are porous, so the maintenance can also be extensive. If they aren't properly protected from the weather, they simply have to be replaced sooner than you would like. Conversely, Siding is extremely easy to maintain and very durable. It will instantly beautify your home and add value to it. Call today to go over some styles and colors. You don't have to stick with the clapboard style if you prefer not to. There are many options that will look wonderful on any home!

Why Choose Us As Your Favorite Saugus Metal Roofing Contractor?

Our business model is built on giving our customers the best quality for the best value, so you know you're always working with a roofing contractor who will work hard for you. Our pricing is upfront and reasonable. 

Advanced Metal Roofing LLC has been around a long time, so you know you're going to have only experienced roofing contractors in charge of your roofing services. Our company works hard to put your mind at ease so you know that your safety and comfort is at the top of our list.

Plus, our roofers make sure that your roofing maintenance is a breeze year after year. If your roof needs attention, call us and see why so many other homeowners owners in Saugus choose us as their favorite roofing contractors! We'll give you some great references so you know you can count on us!