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Wells, ME Roof Replacement & Siding

Advanced is a full-service exterior Wells home remodeling company serving New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. We specialize in Wells metal roofing and also offer expert replacement window, Siding, and sunroom construction services.

Give us a call to discuss your home remodeling needs. We'll be happy to discuss the specifics with you and provide you with a free Wells home remodeling estimate.

We dedicate ourselves to building honest, long-term relationships with our customers, by responding to them with integrity and outstanding consistent service.

Roof Replacement in Wells

If you have a Wells home, your roof system is important to you. It protects two of your largest assets which include your home and everything in it, and you and your loved ones.

At Advanced Metal Roofing, you'll always get an accurate and budgeted analysis of every part of your existing roof system. We'll also ensure you get the square foot measurements taken from scale drawings, which may be needed when you file an insurance claim. Estimates are equally extensive, detailed, and thorough.

We hope you will let our Wells roof replacement specialists show you what we can do to help you get the home of your dreams!

Wells Siding

Wells Siding is still one of the most popular choices of siding for today's homes. It's only improved with time, giving you more insulation and durability than it has in the past, which is hard to do on such a great product that is already durable and a great choice.

Window Replacement in Wells

Are you just about fed up with your old windows? Do they stick, are they hard to open and close? Do you hear everything going on outside? Are you tired of feeling the heat or freezing cold come streaming through, chilling up that section of your home?

You'll be glad to know that today's windows offer great energy savings. Windows are manufactured today with many options to choose from for energy savings as well as aesthetic appeal.

You have options in double pane, triple pane, and glass materials that can create a huge savings on your energy bill. Most of the heat transference occurring in your home is via the windows and surrounding exterior doors. Stop the flow of wasted energy by using windows that effectively block heat transference and keep that cooled or warmed air inside your home!

Our Metal Roofing Services and Siding Services include:

  • Wells Metal Roof Installations
  • Wells Metal Roofing
  • Wells Roofing Repairs
  • Wells Metal Roofs

  • Wells Siding
  • Wells Siding
  • Wells Roof Repairs
  • Wells Roof Installations

  • Wells Roof Replacement
  • Wells Siding Installation
  • Wells Siding Repairs
  • Wells Siding